Free music is not cheap music…

 Yes… It´s free. Not cheap.

Actually, I would pay whatever it takes to watch live such a perfect, soulfull, classy, sofisticated ensemble of musician who created this majetic monster called Somewhere off Jazz Street.


I found this treasure listening to LAST FM. Not used to do it but I had a voice over my shoulder telling me to do so.

They labeled themselves as “Eletronic jazz”…but for me it´s far more than this.

So glad I heard it. So glad I heard THEM. I missed so much the warm breeze of the night, moist and softly perfumed as a lady´s neck.

Jazz is to wide and larger than life to describe. Is a mistake to say “I love Jazz” and list some of the mainstream old names to look smart and (wanna)be an interesting person.

Jazz is more than improvising over a theme or masturbate over time gaps, breaks to sound unique or a complex musician.  Jazz is a feeling. A state of mind.

Jazz is like water. It´s part of us, without it, we die. The world has no meaning without water. And though some might think it has no taste, when they get to realize it´s relevance for life itself, thirst is quenched with pleasure, respect, love, gratitude and reverence.

 Take a bow and check (drink) out these guys. No need to thank me. Thank yourself for giving the chance.

Donate Instead. Worth each and every penny you spend…worth more, actually…

Go ahead and empty your pokets:

 Free for trying:



3 comments on “Free music is not cheap music…

  1. Buz Hendricks / SOJS
    August 14, 2012

    Much thanks for your kind words and for spreading the word on the sojs music !
    p.s. Your description of what jazz is … is perfect ! Thx !

    • jcvoltaire
      August 14, 2012

      Thank YOU guys for quentch my thirst…keep rocking (jazzing) and in touch!

  2. Alejandro Santana
    December 30, 2012

    Absolutely… Breathtaking…

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