“HERA” I’ve been away for a while…. Heard some new tunes…have been through some sort of spiritual transformation and identity discover…. But I felt like some part of me express … Continue reading

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David Warren “Dave” Brubeck

(December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012) In respect of our recent loss, David Brubeck’s dead, I won’t say further about him or his work. He´s bigger than anything I … Continue reading

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Fatherhood recorded in tape…

There is a fact about my life I never felt like sharing with the readers, first because it´s not interesting, second it´s not to do with the purpose of the blog. This … Continue reading

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The voice of the silenced.

Today I was suddenly caught by that enthusiastic epiphany of discovering something new (to me at least). It has been hard to find new musicians due to my narrow schedule and … Continue reading

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Drunk Guy´s guardian Angel…

   OK….  When you cross the 35 YO border, the only thing that makes you feel refreshed is a surprise. Few things are able to amaze or delight people who … Continue reading

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I never ceased to believe…

 It´s an unusual post…  I kinda put myself too much in the lines I write about some singer/band. It´s predictable when your intention is to share the feelings this musician/group … Continue reading

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I´ve been far for a while…see me naked now.

I took a long time to get to know this singer song writer (he´s the best definition of this title) and felt sorry for that.I should have know him before. … Continue reading

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